The first step on a new journey

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time.  I dabbled a little in blogging once upon a time but never really embraced it fully.  Now that I’ve decided to dive back in, I thought I’d start off with some of the thoughts that lead me here, and a mini-mission statement.

My mom taught us to read well before kindergarten, and I grew up with a love of books, which then morphed into a love of writing.  It has long been much easier for me to express myself through written rather than spoken words.  I’ve been “thinking” stories as long as I can remember, and was bitten by the writing bug early on.  I remember the thrill of a new story idea and how I’d not have a moment’s peace until I started working on it.  Sadly, as I grew older this impulse was curbed by reality and responsibility.  Especially after graduating college and entering “the work force,” my writing has taken a back seat to paying the bills, walking the dog, changing the kitty litter, doing the dishes, or folding laundry.  I still have the writing bug, but have much less time (and energy) to indulge it, at least on the scale of anything longer than a few stanzas of poetry.   

I’ve been going back and forth about whether I would do a blog for a long time.  While I recognize my need for a writing outlet, a blog is so public. And the internet is sometimes not a very nice place.  I’m pretty sensitive, and the idea that I’d be putting my personal thoughts out there for anyone to see and potentially dump on is terrifying.  Really.  Terrifying.  After all, who am I to think that anyone in the world cares what I think about anything? I’m not an expert on any specific topic. I’m not particularly clever or witty.  I’m intelligent, often pensive, and usually thoughtful, but I don’t expect I’ll be very profound.  I can’t promise to be a great writer, though I believe I am at least a good one.

At the end of the day, however, I’m not doing this for anyone else in the world.  I’m doing it for me.  I need to write.  There are a few main things that keep me sane in an insane world:  God, music, reading, and writing.  God is always there for me and always will be, even when I drift from His side.  Music speaks to me and for me when I haven’t the words.   Reading opens new worlds to me, introduces me to lifelong friends, and keeps my imagination fertile.  But writing is in me and always has been.  Something in me withers when I let my writing fall by the wayside, and life loses a little bit of its luster.  So, I’m trying to be brave, to bury my fears and insecurities and take the risk of putting my words, my thoughts, out there.

And now on to the mini-mission statement.   Okay, so actually I don’t have a mission. At least not yet.  As I said above, I just need an outlet for writing that is slightly more doable in scope than actually finishing a book (though I do dream of doing that too, someday).  I intend to use this space to write about whatever piques my interest.  Any subject I find myself musing on is fair game.  Strider (my dog) or Luna (my cat).  A recently read book.  My continuing weight loss struggles.  A favorite movie or recent episode of a TV show (or my lack of cable or network TV stations of any kind).  Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit.  Legos.  Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Legos.  

It is my hope that a blog will give me an outlet for writing that is manageable within the constraints of my current circumstances.  I hope to reawaken the author/poet who has slumbered in me for far too long, to dust off dreams and visions, to process and reflect on this amazing, crazy world around me.

I have taken the first step of a new journey.


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