Thankful – June

Month 3 of my Thankful posts. 🙂

Today I’m thankful for:

  1. The gentle rustle of the wind in the trees, enhanced by a chorus of birdsong, enjoyed from the comfort of my own little deck.
  2. The rainbow after the storm.
  3. An uneventful dentist visit.
  4. Returning after a quiet week off the grid.
  5. Encouragement and shared laughter.
  6. A quiet evening at home.
  7. Life in general.
  8. A good morning for my first 5K (a bit on the cool side and slightly overcast, but the rain held off).  Run or Dye was lots of fun!
  9. I survived Monday.
  10. New toys, in the form of a Fitbit Flex, some resistance bands, and a new book to add to my collection (Mirror Sight, Book 5 of the Green Rider Series by Kristen Britain).
  11. Central Air, which I finally turned on, just to get the humidity down a bit.
  12. A Thursday that is really Friday in disguise.
  13. A day off, spending some time with my big sis!  Bonus:  An unplanned but welcome chance to go to a Tigers game, including a spectacular sunset view of the city (photo cred to the big sis)!
  14. An absolutely perfect early-summer day, with warm sunshine, cool breezes, and pristine blue skies!
  15. A 79 cent bottle of bubbles. 🙂
  16. 16th – 19th.  It finally happened.
  17. I went a whole week without remembering to update my list.
  18. Now I can’t think back that far to come up with thankful items.
  19. 😦
  20. Captain Sundae (only the best ice cream shop ever) and their famous Tommy Turtle Sundae.
  21. Family time, even if things didn’t go exactly as planned/hoped.
  22. Sleep.  Lots and lots of long-overdue sleep.
  23. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Minis.
  24. Discovering my contact lens had jumped out of its case in time to save it from drying out!
  25. Booking my little mini-vacation/writer’s retreat.  I can’t wait!
  26. A chance to use my gift with words to help my sister on a project that is very important to her.
  27. Figuring out, after all these years, a way to get Strider to let me comb his beard!
  28. The arrival of my Camp NaNoWriMo 2014 t-shirt and the anticipation of starting writing on July 1!
  29. Cuddles from the softest kitty in the world, my little Luna.
  30. A visit (though brief) to the library! (Bonus:  Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow!)

What are you thankful for today?


Walk with Me

My post today should have something to do with Fathers’ Day, but I find I don’t have much to say today, and I already posted the trio of poems I wrote several years ago.  So, I’ll share this one instead, written in October 2005.


Walk with Me

We walked once in this garden
You and I
Warmed by the sun
Soothed by the cool breeze
And we talked
You and I

You spoke your heart
Without restraint
And you listened to mine
Without fear
Nothing came between us
In this place

What made you fear?
Why hide your face from me?

Now my garden has grown silent
Our voices no longer break the stillness
Our feet rustle no more among the leaves
And I miss you

I miss hearing your unguarded heart
Miss your step beside mine
The path back to our garden
Is made clear by my love for you
Come back and walk with me!





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