I wrote this poem this morning. I wasn’t originally intending to share it, especially so soon. However, I got the strongest feeling that someone, besides me, needed to see this today. The odd thing about this poem, is it was not a bright, beautiful morning that brought this on. It’s actually pretty grey here today, and a little rainy. But for me, it is a bright day that has been too long in coming. The second in a row. And good days deserve sharing and celebrating. I hope whoever needs to see this, sees it and is encouraged. God bless you! 


Sungold light of dawn

Warms the chill from weary bones

Too long in shadow

Shining tides of song

Raise the heart

From murky depths

Today I feel strong

A warrior-poet

A bard standing straight atop a high place

Ready to uphold her kindred

In the battle below

Words shaped as a shield

Bright bulwark of hope against the dark

I shall not fear the night

In knowing its return

But stand firm in the shining

While I may





 © Rebecca Van Bruggen, 9/18/2015